Wind To Hydrogen Passes Big Test In Germany


The world is getting pretty good at producing renewable power, as solar and wind continue to become more efficient, less expensive and more widely adopted. Renewable fuel, however – beyond problematic biofuels – is more of a challenge, but there are signs of progress, in Germany in particular.The latest advance comes in Falkenhagen, a little town about 45 miles east of Berlin. There, E.On is closing in on putting to work a system that uses power from a nearby wind farm to turn water into hydrogen, which is then shot straight into the area’s natural gas system. Though hardly a behemoth at 2 megawatts, the company responsible for building the hydrogen production facility for E.On, Hydrogenics of Ontario, Canada, called it the “largest power to gas facility in the world.”

via Wind To Hydrogen Passes Big Test In Germany | EarthTechling.