UK’s wind farms deliver massive profits but insufficient energy


Some media groups like to refer to themselves as ‘no spin zones’. But among
business energy insiders the phrase
has been applied to wind farms, given that turbines mostly operate at well
below 30 percent of installed capacity. Recently, serious cold weather has
badly affected Britain and its much-vaunted ‘wind power experience’ and it
turns out that wind farms are, quite literally in deepest winter, no spin

Such is the grip the Big Freeze has had on Britain (as in northern Europe
and the eastern U.S.) since early November that leading industrialists have
forcibly reiterated last years’ warning about growing over-reliance on wind
power. As the latest figures show, just when Britain was in the greatest
need from its burgeoning wind farm industry to perform from November through
January with temperatures plunging to as much as minus 20 celsius, wind
power failed miserably.