UK must turn its back on gas boilers to meet carbon targets


Gas boilers for home heating will have to be virtually eliminated by 2050 if the UK is to meet its carbon reduction targets, according to a new report.

The use of petrol and diesel engines to power cars will also need to be “much less dominant” and replaced with electric power and biofuels, a policy meeting in the House of Commons heard.

The conclusions, in a report by the UK Energy Research Centre, are based on modelling the likely shape of the energy sector in 2050 when greenhouse emissions will need to have fallen by 80% on 1990’s level.

A “wholesale transformation of the energy system” is required, the report says, and given the scale and complexity of the change a decarbonisation target should be included in the energy bill to provide a policy commitment for the investors who will need to provide the capital for the development of new technologies.   via UK must turn its back on gas boilers to meet carbon targets.

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