UK Electricity higher transmission charges add 1% to power bills


Although the presentation of electricity bills varies from one company to another, they are uniformly compiled by applying separate charges within the supply chain. These charges include those involved in the transportation of electricity and gas across the country.

Electricity transmission network use of system (TNUoS) charges, which pay for the use of the high-voltage electricity transmission system, vary by region, and peak demand is used as a short-hand way of assessing the amount of capacity that has to be provided through the wires to accommodate their maximum power requirements.

TNUoS charges up 10%

On 31 January National Grid published its final Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) tariffs for 2014-15, confirming increases averaging 10% plus.

While TNUoS charges for customers in Scotland are much lower than those of the South, the increases for next year are much higher in Scotland – up to around a 40% increase in Northern Scotland, compared to a 11%-15% increase in Southern England.

via Catalyst Business Energy Market Brief March 2014 – Energy Prices Remain Flat.