The Grid needs updating to prevent dark age


New figures released by National Grid last month show that Britain is heading towards a serious energy capacity issue. Demand is increasing, power generation spare capacity is decreasing, and this leads to an increased likelihood of the lights going out.

The main cause of this power problem is the UK’s Soviet-era energy infrastructure.

The National Grid has an obligation to provide a reliable and future-proof power grid. However, it is also a listed company and therefore has responsibilities to its shareholders, and must be driven by commercial considerations.

Like all businesses, it needs to make money; which it does from projects such as building interconnectors and managing power grids in the US.

However, for many years, the National Grid has failed to invest in forward thinking technology.

Worse, the grid has been neglected for so long that it is currently in a state where new capacity cannot be added without major upgrades.

The development of new energy generation is sorely needed, but building new power stations is a lengthy process as well as a significant investment.

via The Grid needs updating to prevent dark age.