Swans ‘could have caused’ power cuts in Cambridgeshire village


An electricity company has said swans could be to blame for a number of power cuts in a Cambridgeshire village.

Residents in Little Downham complained to UK Power Networks after losing electricity eight times in two months.

A company spokesman said: “We suspect some of the cuts may have been caused by the occasional swan accidentally flying into overhead lines.”

He added the swans, which have poor forward vision, were likely to have come from a nearby reserve in Norfolk.

Mark Methwen, senior customer relations executive, said: “Due to the excessive rainfall recently it’s possible that birds have been flying further afield from Welney Washes to feed than they would normally.

“The birds normally return to Welney at dusk and I believe have poor forward vision, hence the occasional contact with an overhead cable.”

via BBC News – Swans ‘could have caused’ power cuts in Cambridgeshire village.