Sunrise becomes first UK music festival to use #renewable energy smart grid


Sunrise is set to become the first festival in the UK to be powered by a smart grid.

The grid creates energy through solar panels and vegetable oil generators, using battery units to regulate power as and when it is needed. Organisers hope the system will significantly reduce the festival’s energy consumption and believe it could revolutionise the way festivals are powered in future.

“Battery units will be trickle-fed solar energy from panels across the site,” said Sunrise co-director Dan Hurring. When the power, monitored by a software system, drops, or more is needed, small generators powered by vegetable oil will kick in to recharge the batteries. “A standard festival system has to be constantly ready to provide for peaks of power, so fuel is massively wasted. This new system is very exciting and could prove trendsetting within the festival scene,” added Hurring.

The grid is part of a continued partnership with the Green Festival Alliance and forms a collaboration between energy companies including Greenheart Energy, Firefly Solar and RPM Fuels.

via Sunrise becomes first UK music festival to use renewable energy smart grid | Positive News.