Solar power to thrive without subsidies in UK by 2020


THEMA1, a think tank in Berlin, has announced that Britain will have a thriving solar power sector without the need for subsidies by 2020, based on the falling cost of parts and vast improvements in the supply chain in the industry.

Using evidence from the German market, such as price signals and business activity, the report found that within the next decade large scale solar farms, commercial rooftop systems, and even residential rooftop systems would be affordable without government help.

Last month, German energy giant E.ON announced that due to the falling cost of the technology it was switching out the fossil fuel half of its business and converting to solar and wind production instead.

The report claims that this move will have a significant effect on the German energy market and predicts a similar occurrence in the UK sometime soon.

via Solar power to thrive without subsidies in UK by 2020.