Renewable Energy Association hits back at green lobby


The Renewable Energy Association has accused environmental lobby groups of “promoting misinformation” and “peddling pseudo-science” in their attempts to discredit energy production from biomass.

Environmental groups Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the RSPB, together with a number of paper, timber and furniture organisations, have written to government, describing the practice as “reckless”.

In a letter to The Times, the consortium predicts that six times the UK’s annual forestry harvest will have been used generating electricity from biomass by 2017.

“This huge new demand for wood will put up prices, risking the survival of existing industries in wood, packaging, construction, furniture and paper. Furthermore, there is a growing body of evidence that burning wood for power can increase greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.”

The authors suggest that government should cut subsidies for biomass as part of a new Energy Bill and instead focus on solar, wind and wave power.

via Renewable Energy Association hits back at green lobby – 5/3/2013 – Farmers Weekly.