Putting Nuclear Waste to Work – Recycle nuclear fuel rods


Putting Nuclear Waste to Work

With the coalition government subtly pushing England towards nuclear power as a short-term gap as we head towards a less carbon-dependent future, more and more researchers are looking into ways that nuclear power can be made safer, environmentally-friendly and generally more efficient.Far from just being a pressing issue for UK commercial energy suppliers, nuclear power has very much been a global agenda since the Fukushima disaster that gripped Japan last year – and two American scientists say they have found a way to make harmful nuclear waste work for the whole planet. At the heart of a traditional nuclear power plant, radioactive rods are inserted into a reactor core to produce energy. However, as much power as this yields it is Putting Nuclear Waste to Workno-where near as efficient as it could be; whilst each rod is in service for over four years, only around 3% of it’s potential nuclear energy is put into the reaction.

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