Planning inspectors accused of favouring wind farms


The independent Planning Inspectorate has given the go-ahead to nine out of the last 14 wind turbine plans it has considered.

They included turbines in Areas of Outstanding Beauty. All had been heavily opposed locally and attracted official opposition from bodies including English Heritage.

Some were approved because inspectors ruled that the “imperatives” of addressing “the effects of climate change” outweighed objections.

Campaigners said that the inspectorate appeared to be flying in the face not just of local sentiment but of guidance issued by Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, which senior Conservatives had billed as a “bomb proof set of safeguards” from excessive wind farm development.

The Planning Inspectorate deals with appeals against councils’ planning decisions, using guidelines set down by ministers, but analysis by The Sunday Telegraph of its decisions since the guidance was outlined at the beginning of June shows that only five schemes were refused.

via Planning inspectors accused of favouring wind farms – Telegraph.