Ofgem approves new consumer rules for smart meter roll-out


Ofgem has today approved a new industry code designed to protect and empower consumers during the smart meter roll-out.

The Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice includes strong protections around sales and marketing for domestic consumers, including a ban on conducting any sales during the installation visit.

Ofgem has further strengthened the code’s rules on face-to-face marketing following consultation, including making suppliers clearly state that consumers are under no obligation to receive face-to-face marketing.

Other measures include:

• Suppliers are prevented from conducting any sales when installing smart metering systems for domestic consumers

• Suppliers must gain prior consent from domestic consumers before the day of the visit in order to conduct face-to-face marketing

• Suppliers must adhere to detailed rules when obtaining prior consent for face-to-face marketing, plus behavioural rules should they seek to market to domestic consumers having gained prior consent

• Suppliers are prevented from levying an upfront charge for the supply and installation of a standard smart metering system to domestic consumers

• Suppliers must adhere to a number of requirements catering specifically for vulnerable consumers. Suppliers must take steps to identify consumers with specific needs in advance of the visit; and take steps to cater for installations where a carer needs to be present

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