New “black box” Energy device said to cut energy bills


New “black box” device manages household energy usage to reduce cost

A new device has been developed that is said to cut energy bills by a fifth each month. The new device, dubbed the “black box”, will turn household appliances off and on throughout the day in response to fluctuations in the cost of electricity.

The devices are to be sold to home owners starting next month and are produced by the firm Tempus Energy, which claims that the boxes will help people save 20 percent on their electricity bills using what they call “demand response” technology that manages home appliances remotely.

When installed, the black boxes communicate with “smart” products in the owner’s home, such as dishwashers, fridges and storage heaters. The box receives instructions on when to switch off or turn on the appliances from energy companies, who use complex methods to work out energy cost throughout the day.

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