Landlords Required to Become More Energy Efficient


In line with the UK’s climate change act, landlords are now required to make
their properties as energy efficient as possible. The act aims to reduce
UK’s carbon dioxide emissions by 26% by 2020.

Under the new legislation being put in place, landlords who refuse to do
their part for the environment could face fines over the next few months.
However, this doesn’t only affect landlords, as third parties found to be
renting out energy inefficient homes will also be liable for financial

The National Landlords Association says that small changes can make a large
impact on the energy efficiency of a home and recently supplied a few energy
saving tips to landlords. Some of these tips include sealing windows and
doors to prevent draughts, replacing all light bulbs with energy saving ones
(this is required already) and obtaining an energy grant to carry out more
stringent energy saving procedures.




One thought on “Landlords Required to Become More Energy Efficient

  1. Mitch Smith

    We all have the responbisility to take care of our mother earth. We should start caring before it’s too late. By the way, are you thinking of renting or buying a home? Don’t until you have explored all your options first!

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