Green levy ‘rollback’: UK government energy advisers condemn changes


The government’s lead advisers on energy efficiency and fuel poverty have both condemned changes to energy bills as “sticking plasters” and “watering down” the only measures that permanently reduce costs to consumers.On Monday, the energy secretary, Ed Davey, announced a complex set of measures that he said would cut the average bill by £50. Most of this saving comes from cuts to the Energy Companies Obligation ECO that requires energy companies to insulate homes and subsidise energy efficiency measures for hard-to-treat properties.”We have policies that are among the best in the world, which we are unfortunately watering down,” said Peter Boyd, expert chair of the energy efficiency deployment office within the Department of Energy and Climate ChangeDecc.Boyd, whose role is to provide strategic guidance on energy efficiency to ministers, said: “Energy efficiency is the one piece of the government’s energy policies that can really cut bills in the future” – because more efficient homes use less fuel.

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