Fracking ‘incompatible’ with UK’s climate change commitments, politicians warned – Environment


IT is “categorically clear” that the UK will fail international commitments on combating climate change if it develops shale gas, politicians were warned today.

The shale gas industry, which was suspended after operations caused two minor earthquakes in Lancashire, is expected to be granted permission by the UK Government tomorrow to resume exploration despite ongoing fears about the dangers of the controversial ‘fracking’ process.

Gas firm Cuadrilla, which has been pioneering the process in England, told the UK Parliamentary Energy and Climate Change Committee today that if properly managed, shale gas would produce 10 per cent lower emissions than liquefied natural gas imported from Qatar or gas piped from Russia.

However, academics told the committee that exploiting unconventional gas resources would make it impossible for the UK to fulfil key global greenhouse gas emission commitments.…