Energy Service Company – Shared Energy Saving Performance Contract (SESPCO)


Energy Service Company – Shared Energy Saving Performance Contract

Our Energy Service Company model is based on a Shared Energy Saving Performance Contract (SESPCO) which means that we conduct both a desktop audit and subsequent site survey to calculate your exact energy usage and patterns along with your current buildings energy performance. A high level proposal is then prepared which will calculate any financial savings that could be made, through the implementation of a range of key energy efficiency measures.

The measures available cover all aspects of a building’s performance, including heating, lighting, insulation, waste water heat recovery, and self generating renewable technologies.

For a client, the process requires no capital investment and we provide all the upfront capital to fund the project, and any investment made is recouped over an agreed payback period, based on the energy savings generated.

Our SESPCO Solution – How Does It Work

With our SESPCO solution the savings are shared from the first quarter onwards with the client, as apposed to the client normally under the normal ESCO model not receiving any energy saving benefits until the investment fund has recouped the capital and interest on any project.

This obviously extends the pay back period for the funder’s but provides the client with immediate visibility of savings to the bottom line.

To date project costs are typically between £250k and £750k of capital expenditure, which although are still significant, this is below the threshold of more traditional schemes operated by some suppliers. This solution is available for any private or public sector organisations with a combined heating and electricity spend greater than £50k.

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