EDF #Energy To Sue Environmentalists Over Power Station Sit-in


Last November 21 members of the No Dash For Gas sect of the Church of Climatology organized a sit-in at the West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire, which caused the power station to shut down for 8 days.

The Guardian proclaimed them Green heroes, and posted the usual fawning and sycophantic articles that are reserved only for noble Green activists, in fact today the Guardian has a video produced by No Dash For Gas which shows how to occupy a power station.

It is not easy being Green as the saying goes, it can also be very expensive being Green, as most energy bill payers now know from the real cost of Green renewable energy on their bills.

It is however about to get eye wateringly expensive to be Green if you occupy power stations:

via EDF Energy To Sue Environmentalists Over Power Station Sit-in | Tory Aardvark.