EDF Energy Shut Down Four UK Nuclear Reactors


France’s largest supplier of commercial energy – EDF – have shut down four of it’s UK-based reactors after discovering a fault in a boiler unit.

A statement from the company says it found a potentially-dangerous defect in a boiler spine at the Heysham-1 plant in Lancashire back in June, and following on from that discovery have taken the “conservative decision” to temporarily switch off the second reactor at Heysham-1 and two at its Hartlepool site in the northeast of England which use similar components.

With fifteen reactors in the UK, EDF will lose around a quarter of it’s nuclear commercial energy capacity for some eight weeks whilst necessary investigations take place and replacements installed – which the French supplier say will amount to a a 4.5 per cent drop in energy output over the course of the year.

via EDF Energy Shut Down Four UK Nuclear Reactors.