E.On to raise energy prices by 3.7%


Power supplier E.On has announced an average price rise of 3.7% for dual fuel customers, to take effect in January.E.On is the last of the big six energy firms to increase its prices.The rise takes account of the changes to green and social levies, some of which were removed from fuel bills by the government.The increase will add £48 to the average dual fuel bill, and will take effect on 18 January.Customers who only have an electricity account with E.On will see prices rise by an average of 3.7%, or £20 a year.Gas-only customers will be charged an average of 4.6% more, or £37 a year.Last week, the government announced that changes to green and social levies meant that customers of the big six energy companies would see a £50 reduction, on average, in their bills. This came after many of the large energy firms had announced big price rises over the autumn.However E.On said the net benefit to its customers would be just £42.The reason is that it spent less money than its competitors on providing home insulation measures under the Energy Companies Obligation ECO.

via BBC News – E.On to raise energy prices by 3.7%.