Domino effect: SSE latest to scrap energy contract rollovers


SSE is scrapping a system where it automatically rolls over energy contracts for small businesses.

Today it announced that from April 2014, companies with fewer than 10 employees which use less than a certain amount of gas or electricity a year will no longer have their contract rolled over.

The company is the third of the UK’s largest suppliers to drop the tactic after E.ON publicly called on its competitors to do so (despite this E.ON has yet to walk the talk itself).

British Gas can claim the dubious honour of being the first-mover, in July announcing it will let existing customers whose contacts end before June 2014 switch onto non-rollover contracts and bring in non-rollover contracts from to following September.

Fellow Big Six supplier npower was the next to act, announcing last week it will ban rollovers from April 2014.

SSE says its non-rollover pledge will count for customers which use less than 293,000 kWh of gas per year or fewer than 100,000 units of electricity per year, and companies with an annual turnover or balance sheet of no more than €2 million (£1.7m).

via Domino effect: SSE latest to scrap energy contract rollovers | Energy Live News.