Consumers to fund free LED lighting for supermarkets


Households could pay millions of pounds on their energy bills to provide supermarkets and airports with free LED lighting, under energy department plans to cut the UK’s power usage.Ed Davey, the energy secretary, on Thursday announced £20m taxpayer cash for a trial scheme in which businesses will be offered funding to carry out energy efficiency improvements “like replacing old light bulbs with LEDs or improving motors and pumps”.Firms will compete for the funding in a reverse auction, and will be able to bid for the entire cost of the work to be covered, or for it to be partially subsidised. They should then enjoy cheaper energy bills as a result, Mr Davey said. More than 300 organisations including “hospitals, airports and supermarket chains” have already express interest in the auction, the Department of Energy and Climate Change said.The plan is intended to reduce national electricity demand, easing the risk of blackouts and averting the need for more power stations to be built. If the trial is successful, ministers will continue to offer such cash through the billpayer-funded ‘capacity market’.

via Consumers to fund free LED lighting for supermarkets – Telegraph.