British Companies Developing Solar Power Storage For Armed Forces


Following yesterday’s announcement that several thousand British troops are to be made redundant it merely confirms what we knew already in so much as the UK government is keen to reduce the cost of running the armed forces. Therefore, any way that this can be achieved without also impacting on the security of this country should surely be welcomed.
solar panels are to be developed to assist military personnel in the field

Therefore, you will no doubt find it interesting to hear that a number of energy companies here in the UK are looking to develop solar energy storage products that can be used by the military around the world. These systems will need to be light to carry, strong as they would be used in extreme conditions at times and, of course, safe.

There are four companies involved – Solutronic, Pure Wafer, Oxis Energy and Lincad that have got together to pool their resources and fields of expertise. The solar power storage systems will include the most up to date lithium sulphur battery technology, electronics and solar panels.

via British Companies Developing Solar Power Storage For Armed Forces.