Amazing Video – Worlds First Tidal Energy Generator Lands in Wales


It seems we can’t go a week without talking about strides being made or patents being filed for a new style of solar cell or increases in wind power capacity. But, as we’ve reported before, many commercial energy developers are all at sea when it comes to tidal power.

But this week a new wave of tidal energy landed in the UK, as the first of a new generation of devices landed in Wales.

The DeltaStream device, developed by Tidal Energy Ltd, is a 150 ton, 20m-tall platform housing three turbines. Capable of outputting 400kW, the Deltastream will be installed off the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales in Ramsay Sound.

The UK government and investors will operate the generation for a trial period of 12 months, in which time it will supply commercial energy to around 1000 nearby homes.

via Video – ‘World First’ Tidal Energy Generator Lands in Wales.