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UK slumps to near-bottom in energy emission reduction league


The UK has fallen well behind other European countries with attempts to cut greenhouse gas emissions from energy consumption despite topping the table until 1999, according to a new report from the Office of National Statistics.

The new analysis shows the UK has slumped from heading the European Union of 27 nations to now being in 23rd position.

And the UK is also fast falling behind other EU countries with its share of renewable energy.


Uk #Geothermal #energy ‘could heat all the homes in Britain AND satisfy up to a fifth of the country’s demand for electricity’ | Mail Online


Energy sourced from tapping into heat deep underground could produce up to a fifth of the UK’s electricity and heat millions of homes, a report said today.

Deep geothermal energy could be exploited across the UK, with ‘hotspots’ including Cornwall, East Yorkshire, Hampshire, Northern Ireland and Scotland, according to the study.

The power source could also supply enough heat directly to warm all the UK’s homes and buildings, although the infrastructure is not in place in this country to deliver the heat to where it is needed.

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BoE’s Bean: some UK firms can’t pass on higher #energy costs


number of regional businesses in Britain are unable to pass on higher costs including from higher energy prices, Bank of England Deputy Governor Charlie Bean said in a newspaper interview published on Thursday.

Bean gave the interview during a visit to local business leaders in Norfolk, in eastern England.

“A number of them were talking about the extent to which their margins were being squeezed and they are unable to push through price increases despite the rise in costs which often might be reflected in things like higher energy prices,” Bean told the Eastern Daily Press.


UK prompt gas prices drop as N.Sea supplies improve

K prompt gas prices dropped on Wednesday morning as North Sea gas supplies improved and demand remained far below the seasonal norm because of mild weather and a long weekend ahead.

Gas demand for Wednesday was expected to be 195.7 million cubic metres, almost a quarter below the seasonal norm, according to data from National Grid, and at expected flows of 207.3 mcm, the system was forecast to be 11.6 mcm oversupplied.


Irish Republic could supply renewable power to UK

Talks on a deal that could open up Britain’s electricity market to exports from renewable generators in the Republic will take place next month, according to Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte.

Mr Rabbitte launched the Government’s Strategy for Renewable Energy 2012-2020, which covers wind power, bio energy, wave and tidal power and research and development, in Dublin yesterday.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Rabbitte said that he will be meeting UK energy minister Charles Hendry next month for talks on an agreement that will allow renewable energy generators in the Republic to export power to Britain.
The agreement will cover electricity generated both onshore and offshore.

The Minister suggested that, in coming years, the Republic could end up exporting the same amount of electricity that it consumes every year to Britain.

The two ministers have already discussed opening Britain’s electricity market to generators operating in the Republic.

During a visit to Dublin last year, Mr Hendry said that his government would welcome Irishgenerated power.


UK Energy Needs Could be Solved Underground

Millions of homes could be heated by geothermal energy in the future, according to experts.

This week the Government is due to reveal how much money it is prepared to pay to help private companies develop the form of renewable energy.

A new geological survey suggests up to 20% of the country’s power could be generated by tapping into hot spots underground.

These thermal energy hot spots have been identified around the country – in the South West, South and North of England, and in Scotland and Northern Ireland as well.

The scientific survey, produced by engineers at Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM), has given new hope that geothermal might be a sustainable form of energy.

But many think it is too expensive to be a long-term solution to our energy needs in the UK.
Tim Jackson, a geothermal engineer for SKM, said: “They are more expensive but they’re comparable with other options such as nuclear.

“The other big advantage they have over other renewables is they can provide a baseload generation, (which means) you can get approximately three times more energy out of them.”

Boreholes are drilled deep underground into aquifers where hot rocks can be found.